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Candidate Sourcing strategies to find best talent 

In the process of talent acquisition, a sourcing strategy is essential for an efficient hiring process, ensuring the identification of top tier talent.  

This article explores key strategies and their importance, giving understanding for recruiters and hiring managers looking to engage with top candidates in today’s competitive job market. By getting an idea of these candidate sourcing strategies, recruiters can find ways to connect with the most qualified candidates, ensuring that their organization stands out as a desirable employer. 

What is meant by candidate sourcing? 

Candidate sourcing is the process of finding and attracting potential candidates for job openings. This means actively looking for individuals with the right qualifications and connecting with them to fill roles within the organization.  Having a better candidate sourcing strategy ensures that you always have access to the best talent for your company.


Why is talent sourcing strategy essential for recruiters?

A successful talent sourcing strategy can result in increased employee retention. Recruiters may face it hard to find the perfect candidates to fill job vacancies. But, once the right strategy is put in place, recruiters can identify, attract, and interact with the right people quickly, ensuring they have a continuous team of qualified candidates. Here’s why talent sourcing strategy is necessary for recruiters. 

Attracting passive candidates 

A proper candidate sourcing strategy helps recruiters find and engage with people who are not looking for a job right now but could be interested if they hear about the right opportunity. It means recruiters must be creative in finding these candidates online and understand what would motivate them to consider a new job opportunity. With a well-planned talent sourcing strategy, a company can appeal to potential candidates. 

Enhancing quality of talent 

By engaging with a range of potential candidates beforehand, you gain access to a broader spectrum of skills, experiences, and perspectives, ultimately enhancing your talent pool. A well-thought-out candidate sourcing strategy is essential as it helps in identifying and attracting candidates who not only possess the right qualifications but also align with the work environment of the company and long-term goals. 

Faster hiring time 

Having a candidate sourcing strategy in hand would allow the recruiters to find a range of potential candidates in advance. This enables them to quickly assess and consider these candidates when a position becomes available, significantly reducing the time and effort required in the initial stages of the hiring process. By maintaining a pool of qualified individuals, recruiters can smoothen recruitment efforts. This ensures that suitable candidates are readily available. 

Even companies without an existing candidate pool can speed up their hiring process by implementing a proper candidate sourcing strategy 

Surpassing competitors 

When you build connections with candidates early on, making them more likely to think of your company when they’re job hunting, you position the company ahead of others in the industry. This approach gives you a competitive edge in the industry, positioning your company as a top choice for talented candidates. 


Candidate sourcing strategies to find talent

There are different tools and platforms available to source candidates. From social media to job sites and applicant tracking systems software, the options for sourcing talent are varied. However, with the abundance of these choices, there should be a proper candidate sourcing stratgey in place. Otherwise, companies may struggle to catch the right people. 

Targeting suitable candidates 

When targeting suitable candidates, identifying the right individuals whose skills and experience closely match the requirements of a particular role is vital. By focusing on candidates who closely match the job criteria, companies can increase the likelihood of finding individuals who are well-suited for the position and likely to contribute positively to the team. For example, if you’re targeting developers, platforms such as StackOverflow or GitHub are ideal for sourcing candidates with a technical background. On the other hand, Freelancer is a platform where you can find freelancers. Linkedin is used to find professionals in various fields, such as accounting and education. These platforms can be used specifically to reach candidates related to the role’s specific requirements. 

Engaging with former candidates first 

Try to consider former candidates. These individuals have already expressed interest in your organization and can be open to new opportunities. Reaching out to them can help you quickly fill positions with qualified candidates. Applicant tracking system software can help in sourcing and engaging with former candidates. ATSs often store candidate information from previous applications, making it easier to search for and contact these individuals when new positions become available. 

Using Linkedin recruiter  

Linkedin recruiter is a tool that offers advanced search and messaging tools to find, connect with, and manage potential candidates on Linkedin. With Linkedin Recruiter, recruiters can conduct detailed searches based on different criteria such as skills, experience, location, and industry. This allows them to target candidates who closely match the requirements of the job openings. Additionally, Linkedin Recruiter allow recruiters to send personalized InMail messages to candidates, even to those who are not in their network and inform them about job new opportunities.Linkedin can suggest and find candidates considering the job descriptions  

Building up the company image 

75% job seekers consider the brand before even applying for a job. When you have a strong company reputation, job seekers are more likely to seek out your company as a desirable place to work. This can result in more candidates applying for the job openings, including passive candidates who may not have been actively looking for a new job. Encouraging the current employees to share their positive experiences among their network further enhances the employer brand and attracts more top talent. 

Active use of social media platforms 

Develop a plan that aligns with the strengths of each platform. Begin by identifying your target audience and understanding their preferences. For example, when sourcing talent, choose platforms like Linkedin for professional networking and Instagram for visual content. Create attractive posts, including job listings and company updates to attract individuals. Additionally, try sharing knowledge through social media such as industry news, career development tips focusing on resume writing interview preparation and skill development. Engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages promptly. 

Advertising on Facebook and Linkedin is an important part of candidate sourcing strategy due to its wide reach and targeting options. Since these channels have an extensive user base, recruiters can promote job openings to a large audience, increasing the chances of finding qualified candidates. Facebook’s targeting capabilities allow recruiters to choose their audience based on demographics and job-related criteria, ensuring that job ads are seen only by relevant individuals. 

Reaching potential candidates using twitter 

Using Twitter to find job candidates means using the company’s Twitter account to share updates about the company. By doing this, you can get more people interested in working for your company. You can also talk to people who follow your account and answer their questions. This can help you find people who might want to work for you. You can also connect with other important people in your industry on Twitter, which can help you find more potential candidates. 

Promoting employee referrals 

30-40% of new hires come from candidates referred by employees. The current employees are the ones who have a proper understanding of the business, so it’s necessary to accept their judgment when it comes to recommending candidates. An effective employee referral program can help you find suitable candidates for various positions in the organization. The key is to create a program that is accessible to all employees, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and recommend suitable candidates.  

Monitoring sourcing channels 

Monitoring sourcing channels is essential for analyzing the channel success rate. By continuously evaluating the performance of various channels, recruiters can identify the most effective ones to attract candidates. This process involves tracking metrics such as the number of applicants, quality of hires, cost per hire, and time to fill. Analyzing this data helps recruiters understand the success of the channel, enabling them to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources. 

Focus on internal mobility 

Internal talent means the employees who are already working for the organization. When sourcing talent, internal talent should be a key consideration. By identifying employees for new roles within the organization, companies can create clear career paths for professional growth. This can promote a culture of internal advancement. This can save time and resources on external recruitment while also making the employees motivated. This results in a more productive workforce. 

Collaborating with influencers 

By reaching influencers who have many followers, companies can find individuals who may not have heard about the company before. Influencers can also increase brand visibility and trustworthiness, making the company more desirable to potential candidates. However, companies need to be careful when selecting the influencers as it can affect the brand image. Failure to select the right influencers can lead to misalignment with the brand’s messaging. Therefore, careful research needs to be done to know who their followers are and whether the selected influencers can properly communicate the brand to the audience. 

Getting the advantage of the company website  

An optimized careers page can improve candidate engagement. By providing clear and detailed information about job roles and application process, candidates are more likely to be interested and motivated to apply. Also, mentioning employee testimonials on the company website can be a powerful way to attract candidates. This can be particularly effective in attracting passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a job but are intrigued by the company’s work environment. Through this way, you can convert the number of visitors into applicants, leading to higher quality of hires. 

Attending events 

Partnering with institutes and universities can be a way to fill vacancies that require specific skills or knowledge. Attending events, webinars often attract a diverse group of attendees, such as students, and well experienced people in various fields. This gives recruiters the opportunity to engage with individuals who could be suitable for their organization.  

Career fairs and university event sponsorships allow organizations to connect with potential talent. Career fairs bring together job seekers and employers, providing a way for networking and showing the company culture. Also, when companies sponsor university events, such as student conferences, seminars, exhibitions, they get to interact with students, take the brand to the target audience, and identify potential future hires. These initiatives enable building relationships with educational institutions. 

Creating job postings based on candidate needs 

Using benefits to attract candidates means showing them the good things about working for the company. This includes offering a competitive salary and a good benefits package. You can highlight things like health insurance and flexible work arrangements. It’s also important to talk about the advantages of working at the company, like opportunities for career growth and a positive work environment. By sharing stories from current employees regarding the benefits they get, you can show potential candidates why they should choose your company. This can entice them to join the team. 

Personalized messaging 

Practice creating effective and engaging messages when reaching out to potential candidates. This includes sending emails through personal email and Linkedin profile to attract candidates to job opportunities. This can help improve response rates and attract well-qualified candidates to consider your job openings  

Investing time and effort 

Taking enough time to search for candidates is necessary for successful recruitment. Rushing the process can lead to hiring mistakes. By investing the necessary time and effort, recruiters can thoroughly understand the requirements of the job, explore a variety of sources, carefully evaluate candidates, engage with them, and make informed decisions. Investing in technology can enhance the candidate sourcing process. AI-powered recruitment tools can help in automating tasks such as resume screening and even the evaluation of candidates. This way the right candidates can be selected for roles. 



To sum up, candidate sourcing can be challenging if the right practices are not followed. It needs a certain methodology. Each of the above-mentioned tactics can improve the talent acquisition process. Hiring the right people is paramount for the success of the company. Therefore, by implementing these candidate sourcing strategies, you can find the right candidates who can drive the organization towards its goals.